I Love Teaching Art to Kids!

Looking for summer art camps or the Year Long art course?  If you're interested in art instruction that is fun and kid-centered, you've found the place.  Enter and look around.


We paint lots of portraits . . . 
 ...sometimes they are in collage, as in who we want to be for Halloween,
 sometimes they are in clay
and sometimes we paint our portraits on canvas.  Whatever medium is used, we always have fun portraying ourselves as we are at this age.

Art Journals

We often make journal books


Coil pots

Jumping animals

Two artists displaying their pieces in our annual Clay Display Day

Some beautiful owls, before glazing

Mixed media

We study the seasons of trees.
This time we put our paintings in a book.
We made flower collages for our moms, and
autumn gourd pictures


Printmaking is always fun.


                              Sometimes famous characters make their way into the art studio . . .

                                                   We learn certain techniques such as
                                                                one point perspective. . .

. . . and how to draw a still life